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Chapter 53 – The Proposal! overflow cabbage

“Ah! Ew!”

Both equally Tyler and Hailey have been stunned.

Victoria and Ashley the two laughed while standing upright behind Jordan.

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When dodging, Tyler spat your junk which had been caught to your broom and picked up into his oral cavity.

Tyler was enraged, but Jordan was the bistro proprietor when he was just a client, so he didn't have the nice thing about becoming on his turf.

Victoria and Ashley both laughed while standing up behind Jordan.

Following stating that, Tyler looked at Hailey throughout one joint.

Soon after stating that, Tyler looked at Hailey while on an individual leg.

Jordan had got an adequate amount of the condescending and conceited the outdoors of these rich scions who enjoyed looking down on other individuals. He known as the mid-older gal who was sweeping the ground around. “Ma'am, make sure you come here for a second.”


“Ah! Ew!”

The middle-aged female responded, “I don't know your identiity. I'm just here to cleanse the restrooms. Since my supervisor is forking over me, I'll do whatever he informs me to.”

Tyler was enraged, but Jordan was the eating place operator as he was just a person, so he didn't have the nice thing about remaining on his very own turf.

Nevertheless, Jordan reported, “I've already divorced Hailey Camden and you simply proposing to her has practically nothing with regards to me. Having said that, if you're in my eatery, you must follow the rules, and you simply cannot do this without my authorization.”

The fast Hailey found the precious stone ring, she bought an awesome surprise considering that the colors, understanding, and excellence of the gemstone ring have been enough they are driving any female crazy!

Jordan had picked up an ample amount of the condescending and arrogant mother nature of these rich scions who enjoyed shopping on others. He referred to as mid-aged woman who has been capturing a floor through. “Ma'am, you should are available here for just a moment.”

“d.a.m.ned solution, have you got a loss of life wis.h.!.+?! Don't you realize who I am?”

While dodging, Tyler spat out of the waste which had been trapped on the broom and got into his lips.

Victoria and Ashley the two laughed though standing up behind Jordan.

The immediate Hailey discovered the diamond ring, she acquired a great distress considering that the coloration, lucidity, superiority the diamonds ring had been enough to operate any lady nuts!

Tyler guffawed way too. “Haha, you're the homeowner of Cloud Cafeteria? End pretending! I've already reviewed it all out. This may not be the one bistro that Steve Williams available. All his places to eat in Orlando were actually ordered because of the exact human being for 10 million cash! You're simply a penniless guy. Are you currently absolutely sure you really can afford 10 million money?”

Tyler was completely captured unawares, and that he could not feel that he, the scion with the Collins, would get hit by the janitor.

Victoria and Ashley either laughed although standing behind Jordan.

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“Hailey, get married to me!”

“Today, I'll use this diamond engagement ring to attract the lady you've adored for 3 yrs!”